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Professional Fight - "Wielka Gala Boksu I Kickboxingu"

Łukasz Boom-Boom Pławecki

The event had got effective setting, it was led very dynamically and interestingly. There were no stoppages, the next duels were played quickly and efficiently. Lukasz Boom Boom Plawecki fought in the third duel, from the beginning he used tactics adjusted to the opponent- fighting from the opposite position hunting for strong blows.

Consequently he kicked low kicks,he finished the combination with a straight right or a right hook. Coming to the half distance he also had the clear advantage and gave him the series of short blows. The opponent is really the ring stager, he took place in many competitions in various international boxing rings what could be noticed in Siedlce. He did not leave himself open and he countered dangerously forcing Lukasz to the total concentration. He did not lose concentration and the next victory in the professional ring boxings became a fact and our representation won duel with Latvia.

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