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Section in Macroom it is increased!

They are very good Message come from village Macroom ,  where Andrzej Śliwa leads sections of clubs- Kick-Boxer Nowy Sącz.
Four months ago trainer Andrzej Śliwa there be in ireland and he informed of opening of new section of club. As it happens kick-boxing in wersion full-contact with low-kick has become popular and on training comes over 40 persons.
Conversations last with office of city  about grant on equipment for training and  organization of professional performance in Ireland, where sportsmen of clubs "Kick-Boxer" would have to fight.
Idea on beginning section of club, emerged after many conversations  with inhabitants  cities Macroom. In Ireland does not have many clubs training  formulae  low-kick,  in which Andrzej Śliwa  There was trainer of national team.  Many persons wanted to training kick-boxing  In strongest version  but did not have such capabilities.  Records last for club all the time.

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