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K1 Grand Prix

Grand Prix K1 Rules- Good start Bartosz Pietruszewski, battles stiff and a lot emotion.

14 April in Saturday it has proceeded turnament in rules K1. Eight the best fighters from country in to Bartosz Pietruszewski (Kick-Boxer Nowy Sącz), in first battles it has obtained strong and  highest opponent from Toruń.
First round was reconnaissance  with style of rival, strong attacks low-kick
they have given  superiority sportsman Kick-Boxer after first round.
Second round had fastest rate and two impacts leg in head shake up opponent. Visible big superiority was in third round and Bartosz has won decision of judge.
There was next opponent Kobylański. Firstly, it was not superiority round no sportsman,  a lot kicks and strong boxing attacks they made impression on audience. In second  round Bartek It has hit on soundly opponent in head. Third round fast very and on level horizon, hit for hit practically.  Rival has won decision of judge. Fighters Kick-Boxer Nowy Sącz  take often part frequently in prestigious competitions and professional battles.


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