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Muay-Thai Poland Championship

Rafał Dudek On sunday – 10.12.2006 – had finished Muay-Thai Poland Championship tournament in Warsaw.

Two Kick-boxer’s Nowy Sącz contestants – Rafał Dudek i Tomasz Mróz had started to rivalry, they had won silver and brown medals.
    It had been successful start, because championship’s level had been high and contestants had proposed for rivalry. Tomasz Mróz must fight two duels if he would have fought on Champion Poland honour. The pace of fights was really quick, was lots of elbow’s hits and knee’s kicks. The judges had stated Tomasz’s victory. In final he had got hard-fought duel, there was  lots of boxers techniques. Tomasz had lost 2:1 and stayed Second Champion of  Poland.
    Rafał Dudek had easily won first fight 3:0 with contestant from Katowice but the next fought had been really hard. We could see showy attacks from both sides. The judges stated victory for Rafał’s opponent – 2:1.
    We will thank for Łukasz Rola from Palestra Club in Warsaw for accomodated ours contestants in capital.

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