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Welcome to the website of the school of martial arts "Kick-Boxer".

The website is wholly devoted to the activity of the club run by Andrzej Śliwa, the Kick-Boxing Champion.

Łukasz Boom-Boom Pławecki

The event had got effective setting, it was led very dynamically and interestingly. There were no stoppages, the next duels were played quickly and efficiently. Lukasz Boom Boom Plawecki fought in the third duel, from the beginning he used tactics adjusted to the opponent- fighting from the opposite position hunting for strong blows.

Oddaj głos na naszych zawodników!

The five members of our club such as: Rafal Dudek, Bartosz Pietruszewski , Damian Krawczyk, Tomasz Mordarski i Lukasz Boom-Boom Plawecki were nominated by sports poll of Galicja Radio for the most popular sportsman of the year 2007. You can cast your vote on www.radiogalicja.pl/plebiscyt/. Give your votes to Our Competitors!

They are very good Message come from village Macroom ,  where Andrzej Śliwa leads sections of clubs- Kick-Boxer Nowy Sącz.
Grand Prix K1 Rules- Good start Bartosz Pietruszewski, battles stiff and a lot emotion.
Rafał Dudek On sunday – 10.12.2006 – had finished Muay-Thai Poland Championship tournament in Warsaw.

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